The first date kiss: advice for men

The first date kiss: advice for men


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So you’ve spent a beautiful afternoon with your partner and it’s time to take her home. With sweaty hands you turn the car’s wheel as you go down to her street, in moments like this you could sure use some help. The engine stops, she turns her face to you and smiles.
All kinds of first date related questions pop in your mind “Should I kiss her in the car or in front of her door?” or, the worst, “What if she turns and gives me the cheek, as the last girl did?”

Calm down

It’s just a first kiss so make it memorable.
Don’t feel obliged to kiss her at the first date. You won’t find anywhere a dead-line for the first kiss and your date won’t always expect it. Those who prefer to postpone that first kiss pleasure will feel offended and a simple try can ruin your image and charm. Here are some tips about the first date kiss:

How to kiss at a first date?

Figure out if your date wants to unite her lips with yours. Some of the signs that show she wants this are when she constantly touches you during the date. Most of the women touch a man only if they are attracted to him. If you notice that she is physically flirting with you, there are chances she wants to kiss you.
She offered you a gum. While some women use a chewing gum after smoking, it’s not something common to offer their date a gum, unless they expect a kiss.
She keeps on trying to make eye contact. If the eyes are the soul’s mirrors and she keeps giving you glances, that means she is giving you clues. Probably she even tries to say “Just kiss me!”

Kiss your date.

-Take it easy, don’t attack her face.
-You can try different kissing styles.
-Prove that you can control yourself. While most women get sensitive when they’re feeling wanted, you don’t want to look out of control.
-When she tells you to stop, you do.
-If she is not asking you to stop, keep in mind the outcome (if things get out of hand), before going on. Perhaps you don’t want a long-term relationship with her.

What if she refuses your kiss?

-Apologize and thank her for a wonderful night. The part with the apologies is highly appreciated, because it’s taken as a sign of sincerity and respect.
-Laugh, crack a joke for winding up the tension. Thank her for a wonderful night and get in your car.
Use these tips for the first date kiss wisely, pay attention and make it hard for her to forget. Listen to your gut and make the first date memorable.

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