The first messages to online matches

The first messages to online matches


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At first, all your messages to the online matches should be short but meaningful.  Through these first messages you have make sure that you will stand out from the crowd and get her attention.

In the first message you need to introduce yourself in a confident manner but still have a little bit of modesty. It’s a good idea to add a reason for why you chose to send her a message. Through this reason you could also let her understand what thing of her profile attracted you. In order to really catch her attention, you should ask a question about a person, place or interest which might create a connection between the two of you. The perfect ending for a first introductory message should give her a reason on why she should respond to your message. Choose something clever and funny.

There are some online dating sites which offer some prefabricated icebreakers such as “winks”, but generally, this kind of gestures aren’t appreciated by women, since they prefer real and confident talk instead of shy and cheap tries. Also, a simple and boring “Hi.” or “What's up?” will have the same faith of unsuccessfulness.

Another thing that you should consider is that a too long, detailed and carefully edited message will leave her the impression that you send the same message to every match you want to contact. She won’t even want to read it anymore after the first two lines. Keep in mind that she has her inbox fuller from day to day.

The recipe for success is to create an original, personalized and concise message. This means that it has to make her realize that you wrote that message especially for her and that you’ve put effort to read her whole profile before writing her a message.

You should resume yourself to 3 or 4 sentences written in an impeccable grammar and language.

Good luck at online dating! 

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