The Honeymoon’s Over: Now What?

The Honeymoon’s Over: Now What?


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The first time you saw her, your heart started beating faster and your knees started to wobble. You knew there was something about her which did not let you take your eyes off her.  This is how the most thrilling part of your relationship begins. You both know you want each other, but pretend otherwise and the tension between you becomes almost unbearable. But once this “honeymoon” is over, what are you, as a man, supposed to do?

This is the time when you think about her 24/7, you have endless phone conversations and you try to do your best to impress her. This phase will not last forever so enjoy this part of your relationship that gives you goose bumps. In time, love will become stronger or different, but you will not feel the same as in the beginning.

The length of this ”honeymoon” period varies from couple to couple. For some, it is a brief phase, for others it may last a year, but generally, couples start to get comfortable with each other in about six months. The fact that this phase has an end must be regarded as normal since we cannot sustain the same level of enthusiasm endlessly.

There are some factors which might hasten the end of this phase of your relationship.

You may not realize, but having too much sex in the beginning will make you very intimate and comfortable in a really short time. I do agree that you have to explore your desires, but you should also let the sexual tension build and make you desire one another even more.

The first serious fight you have is also one of the reasons why this phase will end, and this is because the moment you start to criticize something about the other, you start to realize they are not perfect. When you barely know each other, you feel like you have an ideal relationship, but in the end, every couple fights and so will you.

There are also some events which might bring you so close together that it will put an end to the “honeymoon”. A tragedy for instance, like the death of a family member would end this phase since it will not allow you to behave as carefree and playful as before. The good side is that if you go through this together, your relationship will become stronger and you have a good shot at a lifetime of love.

Once you get to know each other very well, you will realize that the “butterfly” factor is slowly fading away. Do not be afraid if you start completing her sentences or if you realize that you know plenty of details about her and her life. This only means that you have spent a significant amount of time together and you got comfortable with each other. This is the moment when you will start to take each other for granted because you will trust in that person to be there by your side whenever you need it.

Getting to know her very intimately, both emotionally and physically is actually the goal you have in the beginning, so do not regret the end of the “honeymoon” phase. Feeling differently after this phase does not mean you care less, but that you love her in another way.

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