The importance of the first impression

The importance of the first impression


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Everybody knows that the first impression is the most important when you meet someone new, but why?

The things is, when you meet someone and you act in a certain way, that person is likely to think that you will act like that all the time. The first impression describes your personality so that’s why people judge someone according to the first impression they made.

This is why, I am always advising you to be confident and trust yourself.  It is very important to make a good impression from the beginning. Studies show that women decide in 10 seconds if they are attracted to you or not, so make sure not to look boring or wussy. You have one chance to impress the girl you like, so don’t screw it up because it’s hard to fix a first date mistake.

Women like to date confident men who inspire them strength and power because in their subconscious they want to feel safe and protected. A man who acts like a wuss is perceived as weak by the opposite sex and trust me, women can read your body language better than you think.

How can you act confident even if you don’t feel like that? Well, first of all you have to think that you have nothing to lose. You actually have more to lose if you act wussy and desperate so, don’t be afraid to be a man and show her that you know what you want and you will get it.

Don’t overwhelm her with compliments because she most likely already heard them before. Instead, joke with her and look like you’re not so interested in her. If you don’t look desperate to be in her presence and if you don’t insist on seeing her everyday then she will see you as an interesting guy and not a stalker she can’t wait to escape from.

Always remember, the way you behave the first time she meets you will make her believe that’s the way you normally behave. So if you are funny and confident she will think you are like that even when you make a mistake, but if you act like a wuss she will think you’re always like that even if afterwards you will be more confident.

The first impression is the most important chance you have to blow her mind and make her interested in you, so take advantage of this one opportunity and be original.

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