The Importance of the Third Date

The Importance of the Third Date


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As men, we always have to make a good impression if we want to get to know a certain woman better. It is in our nature as hunters to do our best in order to win not only her body, but also her heart and as long as you manage to catch her attention, then you can also step back and expect her to make a move of her own.

The difference is in the role we play. We need to actively look for a partner, whereas women can basically wait and decide who they want to be with. If you come to think about it, we are in a permanent competition, trying to get out of the ordinary and impress her in such a way that she decides she wants you in the end.

Even if you might think you have passed the first date test and you managed to make her feel comfortable with you, you still have to fight to win her heart. If you got to the second date, she gave you another chance, which means she is interested in you. Nevertheless, you still have to impress her, but at the same, now it is the time for you to share some information about yourself. Be careful though about how much you share and what kind of information. She is still making an opinion about you and you do not want to ruin your chance for a third date.

You should think about the first two dates as interviews. If she is still interested in you, you will get to the third date which is slightly different from the first two. You still have to impress her, but now it is time for you to show your personality and prove you are original in every way. Women love a confident man, so try to relax, be yourself and flirt with her as much as you want, but be a gentleman. Keep in mind that the third date is all about substance and personality and not so much about impressing her with your wardrobe or an expensive dinner. This is the perfect time to show her who you are and make her feel you are the one for her.

Why is the third date so important, you may ask? Because you have the chance to see where your relationship might be heading to. If you are spontaneous and you manage to make her feel comfortable and enjoy your presence, she will consider taking your relationship to the next level. Therefore, never underestimate this opportunity you were given, and make a good impression under all circumstances, but at the same time do not try to be something you are not.

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