The laws of attraction

The laws of attraction


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Can attraction be defined? Are there some specific factors which trigger it? How does it feel to be attracted to someone?

These are but a few questions that come up our mind when we think about attraction. Actually, this term, which has many times been considered synonymous with chemistry, is pretty vague and people do not fully understand it. How can you explain a feeling? You can’t.

Many people have a set of standards when thinking about the person they would like to spend the rest of their lives with. While some men would like a tall and blonde woman with silky straight hair and long legs, others prefer petites brunettes with hazel eyes and curly hair. The problem is, in most cases, when attraction comes out of the blue (and it usually happens that way) your standards do not matter anymore. You are simply mesmerized by that being you first met and you can’t take your eyes off.

When asked to explain what they felt and why when they met “The One”, most men did not know why they felt that way, they could only describe how it made them feel. They said that they just felt the moment they saw this girl that for some reason she was the perfect woman.

Some of you, who did not have the chance to meet The One yet, might be wondering what are the signs and how do you know she is the perfect woman for you. Well, the problem is, there are no early signs or a way to figure it out. You just know, you just feel that you are meant to be and that you fit perfectly. Maybe it’s all about the way you connect in the beginning and how you perceive one another.

Unfortunately, when talking about the laws of attraction, there are no universal rules or patterns which trigger chemistry. Even if you feel like you would fall for a certain woman, in reality it may happen that you get head over heels with a girl you did not expect to like. Love is so unpredictable and confusing that you cannot really explain why and how people fall in love, so never despair for there is definitely a perfect match for you as well, in case you have not met her yet.

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