The “nice” guys

The “nice” guys


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There are some unattractive and awkward men who say on their profiles how nice are they and that made me think about “nice guys”.

Let’s picture the Nice Guy:

This type of man is usually a girl’s best friend who is always there for her when she had problems. He is usually the one offering his services, even when they are not required and he always says that he is her confidant, but he is always just a friend. There are two types of nice guys: the ones who long for a relationship with his best friend and keep trying and the ones who talk to a woman kindly and protective so that he can take her in his bed.

So, how “nice” is he actually?

Men who usually talk about how nice they are, tend to be exactly the opposite of “nice”. This is just like the case of those who say they are “honest” which means that they either liars or they are always acting as jerks. The nice guy usually has its own selfish plans and hides them under the “nice guy” impersonation.

We have nothing against a man’s plans, even against those a bit “selfish”, but he should be honest and board about their intentions all the time.

A pretty important point:

Nice guys do not usually get the girl because they fail at creating sexual tension and then they end up believing that women don’t like them because they are too nice. These are the type of men who believe that women are only looking for jerks, but even then they know on some level that this is not true. Or at least, that the type of women that they want to date is not into jerks.

What do women want?

There are nearly 3.5 billion women on the planet, so it is kind of hard to say, but they tend to be attracted to honesty, purpose of action and high social values. The most sociable persons didn’t get like that by mistreating others or through false “niceness”. If you want to be nice, you must also be independent and honest. Some nice guys need to be validated so from external sources such as women, who can usually feel their desperation.

What you must learn is that you must like yourself for who you are or to be good at pretending you do while you are trying to get there. It is not ok to beg for attention. This is the worst social strategy.

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