The perfect fragrance for a senior date

The perfect fragrance for a senior date


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A well-chosen outfit must be accessorized with a good fragrance. A classy and stylish image of a senior man is whole only when he smells great. A good impression consists in a good wardrobe, nice manners and a scent that she will never forget.

You can easily make a woman want you by delighting her olfactory senses. The trick is finding the right fragrance for her, but especially for you.

Your perfume should appeal to her tastes

When you are dating a senior woman you have to be yourself, in the natural way. Still, a little bit of a perfumed touch can work wonders on a woman’s mind and feelings.

A small amount of cologne is ideal, but at times even that can be too much. Usually, if you are able to sense the perfume on your skin, it means that you applied a little too much.

It’s recommended to try the perfume that you want to wear on the first date in advance. You don’t want to disappoint her with a badly chosen fragrance or with too much perfume. The wrong fragrance can ruin the first date, even if you are well-mannered and well-dressed.

Find a scent which represents you

Fragrances are an important part of your image. People love perfumes because they speak about their personality and way of being. Usually, the more expensive the perfume, the better the fragrance so if you want to be remarked by the woman you date, chose something premium and elegant.

Wearing cologne is a sign that you care for details and that you are confident. Women have high olfactory receptors and can easily remember a man by their smell. It’s in their nature.

Choose your fragrance wisely and use it preciously. She will appreciate your efforts. 

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