The pleasure of online dating

The pleasure of online dating


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I appreciate online dating sites because they bring me back my childhood. Do you remember when one morning you went to school and had a crush on a pretty girl, and the next day you talked to her and she was kind of mean and you were disappointed? Well, after a few days you would go to school again and fall in love with another cute girl. Actually, using online dating sites gives you the chance of falling in love over and over again, until you get to know the right girl.

Online dating- A sort of childhood

Each morning is filled with joy, because every morning your inbox might be full with possible hot matches. You check out those profiles and easily have a crush on some beautiful woman. It can be really fun and can make you feel like a little boy again. The only problem might be that you are constantly ignored, no matter how handsome you are, what a great profile you created or what a beautiful message you sent. Plus, you are constantly competing with 25 other emails per week sent to her inbox.

The game

It’s a game of chance and numbers, but that’s not really a problem since there are plenty of new women in your inbox every morning. All you need is skills in writing, designing an attractive profile and posting good pictures. You can learn all of these things from other successful users, friends or from tutorial articles.

Anyway, the best thing you can do is to allow yourself to have a new crush every day until something will stick and you will find a potential partner. Of course, if you want to, you will have to send at least 3 messages per day to different ladies, but that again, is not a problem since there are so many and so beautiful.

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