the red lights in dating

The red lights in dating


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If you have already started to date a woman, and everything seems just great, you start telling her how you feel and she answers you back. You do everything you can to make it all good, even taking time away from work when she needs you and you are always there for her.

But when something happens in your life and you explain it to her, she tells you that she is busy and that she cannot talk to you. That leaves you wondering: “what?”

This is the first red light in dating

Most men ignore it, but it happens all the time, and if you ignore the red lights you will not find yourself in a great relationship, but the contrary, it is going to be a terrible one. Many men can amaze a woman. It is in their nature to claim, protect and honor a woman.

Be careful with the red lights

When you start seeing a red light you’d better deal with it, and tell your partner without allowing her to continue with her behavior. If she doesn’t care about what you need in the beginning of your relationship, she will only become worse as time goes by. Maybe she has done it before, and her other boyfriends didn’t tell her anything either and now she thinks that everything about her behavior is ok.

Deal with the problem when it’s still in an early stage, because if you want a good healthy relationship you must turn off that red light. If your girlfriend doesn’t like you anymore, you shouldn’t worry because it’s about needs and self-respect. You cannot have a great relationship without respect.

Ask yourselves:

Have I seen red lights in my previous relationship and did not dealt with it? What happened to our relationship?

Did we break up because of the red lights or am I still keeping it quietly with her although I see the red lights? 

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