The right picture for more dates

The right picture for more dates


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If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then your online dating profile picture should better be great. On online dating sites it’s important to ensure a good visual image of yourself.

Since you can post many photos on your online dating profile, I recommend you to target all your photos so that they fulfill three points:

1. Draw attraction

2. Send a message about yourself

3. To be a conversation starter

Now let’s analyze these points a bit and see how we can get to them.

1. Attraction

If you want to be a good online dater you have to post at least one facial close-up and one body-shot picture. In this way, one can get a full idea on what you look like.

It’s recommended to use recent and flattering pictures so that you don’t give other users a wrong impression of yourself.

2. A picture that talks about your interests/traits

It’s fun viewing a picture which shows a woman while painting in her workspace, right? It says about her that she’s an artistic character and an art lover. That she has painting skills and she enjoys beauty and aesthetics while having a philosophy in the same time.

So you should post that kind of pictures which sketch an idea about the way you are or about what you love to do in your free time, like playing the guitar in the park or going to a tennis match.

3. Give something one can talk about

The best pictures are those that tempt people to talk about it in their messages to you. If you happen to have a picture of something extraordinary that happened to you, like being on the top of a really high mountain, canoing or bungee jumping; those types of photos usually have a story behind them and if a woman’s interested in you, she will ask to hear that story.

Finally, the more reasons you give a woman to contact you because of your posted pictures, the better. It sets you off to a good start. 

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