The Truth About SNAGs

The Truth About SNAGs


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The acronym SNAG defines a “Sensitive New Age Guy”. It describes a man of the modern days, a sort of a new type of a Romeo, positioned in the modern world. There are many men who consider themselves as SNAGs. This is a bad joke, actually. The thing is that they are not SNAGs, there is no such thing. You are guy! And you are as sensitive or insensitive as any other man and woman on this planet. There is something more, men are sensitive but in a different way, they are usually sensitive on aspects which concern them alone. We prefer to let go to some things which for others are world concerning problems. It just makes our lives happier and easier in this way. The resulting problem from our talent of accepting life as it is and letting things go is that it makes us look insensitive.

Let’s say that…

It is the end of a long and hard work day and we rush home for dinner, TV and relaxation. When you arrive, your partner is either at home and out of the stress decompression mode, or she arrives home later, all tense and stressed, when you are already relaxed.

So she arrives home tensed and stressed while you hold your drink and eat your meal in front of the TV, doing exactly those things which make you relax and get chilled. She starts to tell you everything about her work day and how horrible it was, making you feel the same way she does, adding up to your own problems. So you make compromise and tell her to sit by your side and watch TV together. We are making such big sacrifices… We chose not to tell her about all the horrible details of our bad work day only to get relaxed faster and let her deal only with her problems. Still, she will want a more sensitive new age guy!

Women are eager for attention and drama; this is a generally applied rule. For a woman to be happy in a marriage she needs a loving, caring and sensitive man. Even if you already see yourself as a guy who knows how to calm and comfort his partner, always remember to tell her she’s beautiful and that everything is going to be alright because you will take care of her. She will appreciate it! 

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