The unapproachable girl

The unapproachable girl


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Unfortunately it’s not a once in a lifetime experience to like an unapproachable girl and most men get intimidated by these demi-goddesses so they give up all their attempts of catching their interest.

How does the unapproachable girl look like?

This woman is not necessarily extremely beautiful, but definitely charismatic and powerful. She has a strong personality and she is not easy to impress. The problem is that even when she likes a man, she will most likely play it cool and hard to get or look indifferent because she doesn’t like to feel weak. Perhaps the reason behind her “unapproachable” attitude is an unfortunate experience she had in the past with a guy she really loved, so now she wants to stay on the safe side and be the one who makes the rules.

How to make her “approachable”

The most important thing you need to know about this girl is that she will never respond to lame pick-up lines and generally to all the common and ordinary strategies of approaching a woman. In fact, she is sick of these strategies so the only way she might become interested in you is if you act in a very original way. Don’t try to pick her up and be a smarty-pants asking for her number after talking to her for 5 minutes. Chances are she will give you a wrong number or none at all, so get to know her first and if you’re genuinely interested in her she will notice.

When you want to struck up a conversation you should talk about casual things and maybe ask her something like “Hey, are you new around here?” or “I never had the chance to talk to you. How are you?”. This kind of questions reflects a real interest in getting to know her and she will be more open to talk to you. If you don’t see each other very often, or if you’re not sure you will see her again, don’t ask for her phone number; instead get her e-mail or ask her about her Facebook profile. Generally, women are reluctant in giving someone they don’t really know their phone number, so if you ask her for her e-mail you will not look pushy, just interested in getting to know her better.

Then what?

If you have managed to initiate contact with her, you should keep on talking and show her how friendly you are without looking too interested in her. In this way, you will earn her trust and she will be surprised to see that you are not trying to pick her up and suffocate her with calls and messages. Remember, this type of women want to be free and not feel constrained by anybody in any way, therefore, if you give her some space and time, she will realize that you are not just trying to get her into your bed.

The key is to be her friend, but not her “girlfriend” with whom she goes shopping for lingerie and talks about men; otherwise you will definitely get friend-zoned. You have to be the interesting guy with whom she has great conversations and always makes her want to talk and share more. You can start going out casually for a coffee or tea and at some point you can get close to her. Observe her reaction. If she doesn’t try to avoid you, now it’s time to make a move and try to kiss her. What comes next will go naturally and you will realize it was worth waiting all this time.

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