The way Romanian women think

The way Romanian women think


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Romanian women are very intelligent and ambitious. Despite or maybe precisely because of the economic turmoil Romania has gone through, Romanian women are hardworking and responsible people who are always seeking for an opportunity to change their lives. In fact, many Romanian students (the smartest ones) are studying in the West and are really committed to their studies. They are always trying to do their best to find a job and provide for their families.

Besides being really hard-working, Romanian women make really great wives because most of them have been taught by their mothers how to cook and keep a house clean and cozy. They are kind at heart and they believe in the values of marriage. That is why they think about marriage as a lifetime commitment and are willing to do their best to make it work.

Because of their ignorance, many western people believe that Romanian girls are Gypsies and this really makes them mad. It is not because it would be something wrong to be a Rroma, but there is a huge difference between them in every single way. So never make the mistake of confusing the two.

Romanian women have really strong moral values because of their religious faith (Christian Orthodox) and even if some of them don’t really go to church, they still believe in kindness and helping the people around them. They are caring and loving and they feel they have done something meaningful when they help others.

For these women, family is very important and it comes first before anything else. The thing that makes them really great wives is that as long as their family is happy they are also happy. So as long as you can give her a bit of peace and security, she will be yours forever. All she really cares about is love and stability and after all, I do not think they ask for much.

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