There are female players too

There are female players too


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There was a case of a man who met a woman online. He felt like there was an instant connection between the two of them. The girl couldn’t stop telling him how hot he is and how she would like to meet him in person.

Obviously, the man was delighted with the idea and accepted to meet with her at his own place. She was living four hours away so she slept at his home. They had great sex and the following day was fun and relaxed. Still, at the end of the day she left. Now you might think that that’s wonderful, no strings attached, just a lovely time spent with a beautiful daring woman.

The problem is that the guy fell for her. She was amazing in bed, intelligent and confident. He felt that they had a connection. After she left, in the following two weeks he continued to text her and call her but he got no answer or rely from her. Broken-hearted he managed somehow to forget that beautiful dream and move on with normal dates and women.

You see, this man was played by a woman. Female players are rare but nowadays they become more and more present due to feminine emancipation and the long list of opportunities for women provided by society.

It’s obvious that this woman is rebellious, daring and courageous. She wanted to meet with a man for the first time at his own place, have sex with him in the same night and then spend some more time with him during the next day, like they already passed over 2 months of relationship. Well, the explanation of her behavior might be that she needed a free place to stay. She found a handsome guy living in her area of interest, told him how hot he is and made him believe they are so great together. From there, everything went on smoothly. At the end she said that it was her best date and left without ever giving another sign.

This is a female player, like a man player, she loves her sexuality and has courage and charisma. Perhaps she had some business in the city and wanted to combine some pleasure with it and get a free room, too. These women are fascinating because they make you feel loved and wanted, in the same time making you adore them. Men easily fall for such strong and rebellious characters, because they get tired of always being the ones who have to conquer.

There are little chances to make a female player have boundaries or be committed, but if you ever feel like having the strength to do so, you might embark yourself in an adventurous trip. 

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