Things men should know about marriage

Things men should know about marriage


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Although there are men who aren’t getting married for the first time, most guys are newbies and the following guidelines will help you in preparing your vows to picking up your tuxedo and planning the honeymoon. You do not want to screw up your part.


You do not have to think only about the fact that you will wake up next to the same woman every day for the rest of your life. You also have to plan some things and these are some of them:

The ring: Even if your future wife is not a gold digger, you still have to awe her with it and spend some money. Shop around since you are going to pay it off for a while and you are no expert on minerals. Find out about weight, purity, whiteness and brilliance. If you act like you know what you are talking about, you won’t get ripped off.

The tuxedo: No matter what kind of jacket you want, you still have to look slick. You might think about renting your suit, but I wouldn’t want to wear on my special day a suit worn by a hundred men before me.

Wedding vows: If you write your own wedding vows, you will make her melt and get her worked up for the honeymoon. Also, write an original speech, filled with meaning and some inside comments to make it your own.

Exchange of rings:  Make sure the ring bearer doesn’t fall asleep or gets distracted.

The first dance song:  This is a moment of truth at any reception and the chosen song should mean something for both of you. If you want to make it special, serenade her in your arms. These little things count.

Honeymoon: The honeymoon night is your first night together as husband and wife. Set a romantic mood and pick up an exotic place to take your better half (try Hawaii or Belize).


The best man is an important part of the wedding. He is the life of the party but is also responsible for the bachelor party and the speech at the wedding reception.

Bachelor party:  Avoid classic strip bars and clubs and rent a room where you can spend time with your friends by having a poker night, watching movies and whatever you like.

Speech and toast: During the speech you must wish to the bride and groom all the luck in the world and embarrass the groom a little, ending it with a wedding toast before getting the party started.

Before the wedding, a best man must confirm the honeymoon and travel arrangements, keep the rings and take care of the groom’s transportation.

During the ceremony and reception he must escort the groom, act as a witness and sign the marriage license, pay the wedding vendors and ensure that the gifts are safely loaded.

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