This is why you won’t get the second date

This is why you won’t get the second date


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Many men go on the first dates and never get to see the same woman twice. Why is this happening? Are they insufficiently attractive, do they say or do something wrong?

Here you have two things that might be the answer to your dating problems.

1.       Too many texts

Sending texts is a safe way to communicate with a woman, without having to face her too close, like talking on the phone. Let’s say that you have a good personality and an interesting charm, still, you prefer to send texts to the woman you dated for the first time. Usually, men send texts such as “How is your day?” or “How are you?”. These texts are polite but boring. They show interest, but not too much, expecting from the woman to do all the talking, finally.

If you have a nice personality and feel that you are better at speaking than at texting, please do so. Women might be charmed away by the sound of your sleepy voice or by the amount of jokes that come to you naturally when speaking on the phone. Keep the texts for a time when the two of you already know each other better and for when she already recognizes your voice.

2.       Not asking for the second date

Men fear rejection. It’s like a woman tells them straight forward that they are not good for her and this makes a man’s ego shatter. It’s normal and understandable that men love to be up to the expectations, but no matter how great they are, if a woman feels that he is not a match she will move on. Finally, when rejected, you shouldn’t take it personally because if that woman is not a match for you, the next one might be.

There are many men who also expect from a woman to literally tell them to ask her again for the second date. It’s a bad move, since it’s a small chance that she will take this step. The best is to clearly ask her to go out on the second date. She will have the option to answer just Yes or No and then the situation will be clear. It’s not a solution to keep on texting and talking to her after the first date and wait for her to give in and ask for another date. 

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