Three magic texts that will make her want to see you

Three magic texts that will make her want to see you


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If you had won the lottery would you congratulate yourself or go cash in the check? You would want the money. So, it is the same thing with dating. If a man gets a woman’s phone number why not use it?

Most men say that they do not know what to say to her, but most dates are confirmed with a message so as long  as you can post on Facebook and on Twitter, why can’t you also send a text? But there is a catch, and that consists in making her answer you.

These are the best three ideas to help you get started:

1. Tell her enough to make her anticipate

It is not ok to think that “hey, what are you doing?” is a good way to start a conversation. It is boring and it really shouldn’t get a reply.

Make her curious. Tell her that you know a place she’d love to go but do not tell her where. Her natural curiosity will make her want to know more. You can than start a hidden-treasure game in which she can guess where that place is, based on your clues and whether she wins or not, you can take her out to a place chosen by you.

2. Make her the center of attention

Remember the first time you’ve met, how she made you feel, if she made you laugh and tell her that you have noticed. Women like to feel noticed and be the center of attention and a spark lights up whenever you do it.

You might trigger something by telling her that you like talking about what she likes, and that you are interested in more than just that.

3. Be personal

To be sincere, men are stereotypically thought to be Neanderthals, and even if you act like one when you are with your friends, you should show a woman your sensitive side because that will  make her comfortable enough to open up to you.

You have to tell her how she makes you feel, and if you have dated before, you can also tell her how you feel when she touches you. If she had touched your hand, stood near your body and you felt like you wanted more then and there, you should tell her, because she might have felt the same.

Women love romance. If you can create magical moments like those stated above, you can rest assured that she will be doing it your way.

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