Tips for a good online dating profile

Tips for a good online dating profile


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Trying to find love in the online dating scene is an adventure on which thousands of single men and women embark, daily. Even those who have no idea on how to approach someone online and offline, give online dating a shot, hoping for the best.

Your personal online profile

If you believe it’s time to give the online dating scene another shot, you need to know how to properly create your profile. Perhaps you have already made many more online dating profiles, but here you have some tips which will only help you do a better job this time.

Stand as creative and fresh

Creativity means to avoid sounding boring. Therefore you mustn’t state obvious facts on your online dating profile because they bore women.  Try to express your wishes from a potential partner in a fun and innovative way. For example, instead of saying “I am looking for a woman with whom I can get along and spend time with.” You could say something like “I am looking for a partner in crime to go bungee jumping and sneak into theatres with.”

Honesty gives you a gold medal

If you sketch a fair image of your character, you will manage to meet women online and offline,they will cherish you like gold. In the online dating world there are a lot of fake and dishonest dating profiles and women get fooled by them constantly. Don’t be one of them, it’s for the best.

Speak about your age and your age preferences

There’s no point in politeness when you’re saying how old you are and what age range should your partner be situated in. If you make the mistake of not giving clear specifics on the age aspect, you risk dwindeling the chances for some women to be your match. If you look for women no older than 28 you should say so. Don’t leave room for misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

You should mention your current status

Single? Say so. Married? Say so. No matter what love status you have, you have to share it. If not, you will be like the married guy trying to fool a woman into being his secret mistress.

You must use pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words, a picture is worth a novel, etc. Yes, a good photo will let a woman form an image about the way you look. If you choose to have an online dating profile without a profile picture she will most likely assume that you are old, fat or a frustrated pervert. Choose a good recent photo of yourself, nothing more.

These are the basics of a good online dating profile. Good luck in finding love! 

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