Tips for getting more online dates

Tips for getting more online dates


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There are two golden rules:

1. Get an attractive profile photo

A good hygiene and a proof of self-respect will bring you only good points. This means you could use pictures that show something interesting about your personality. Photos which show you as an active person, who visits museums, goes to concerts, loves sport or has a fascinating hobby, are nothing but good choices.

2. Honest and short description

Your profile description is the first thing a woman takes into consideration, after the profile picture. In this idea, make sure you don’t exaggerate your skills and qualities. Show that you have self-respect and that you are confident on your powers. Avoid sending a misogynistic impression or a too egocentric feeling. Be true to yourself, present yourself as close to reality as possible. Finally, make sure you specify your intentions on the respective online dating profile.

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