Treat her like a princess

Treat her like a princess


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Have you ever asked yourself why you are less successful in picking up women? Well, we have the possible answers right here.

We conducted a survey with one hundred beautiful women with the purpose of finding out what makes a woman fall for a particular man instead of another.

The answer is simple: the chasing part. It’s all about the way a man manages to set up the bait to trap a woman. Usually, men know pretty well how to initiate the chase but will rarely close the deal successfully.

Tricky Women

Men are mommy’s little boys and women are daddy’s little princesses. This is an all-time truth. You have to give more importance to the keyword “princess”. She enjoys being respected, adored and cherished. Since women are like small princesses they love to receive attention so you have to give it to them.

Well, the last part, the attention one, is a bad idea. Actually, this survey concluded that women get bored by the chase because they get too much attention right from the start.

In order to know how to portion the amount of attention you give a woman, you have three steps to take in order to win her over.

1. The bait

Pick a woman you find attractive and focus on her presence. Don’t look too much around her because she might remain with the impression that you are just looking for someone, anyone. This is when the chase begins.

After you target her, look for all the possible body language signs such as a smile, eye contact, a hair flip, etc. If you see any of these signs you have to move fast, most men receive these signs but stay in their place, scared of making a move.

2. Stay attentive

So you walked to her and you initiated the conversation. You could’ve said something as simple as “I couldn’t help but notice you. By the way, my name is David and I would like to get to know you.” How can you make her talk and keep her interested? Offer her a drink and start asking questions about her likes and dislikes, not in a survey style, of course. Spoil her with your attention, but be careful not to say anything sexually related. Still, you could use your body language to make her understand that you find her attractive.

3. The Earthquake

Now that she feels like a princess, spoiled with your attention and care, it’s time to shake her world a little. Everyone loves to be accepted, liked and needed. Once this need is satisfied, we do whatever we can to keep it alive. Remember that time when a friend told you that Maria is interested in you. You felt good, right? But after a while, you noticed that Maria became interested in someone else. You started to wonder why she doesn’t fancy you anymore. Just like this, you began being interested in her and started to find ways to get her attention. We all want something we can’t have. This is a golden rule.

For the chase to be perfect, your job now, after you made her feel wanted and precious, is to make her feel less wanted and interesting.

After you got to know her at the bar, let’s say, enjoy your last drink, give her your number and tell her to call you. When she calls you the next day, talk to her nicely and like you really enjoy your conversation with her. After about 10 minutes tell her that you have something to do but you will call her back. Don’t tell her when you will call her back. Let her wait for your call for about three of four days. She will wonder why you haven’t called her back since you seemed so interested in her, so eventually, she will call you.

It seems cruel and manipulative to resort to such methods, right? But what’s the alternative? Well, the alternative is to be the nice guy, who is always underestimated and seems boring.

Remember this method of chasing a woman and making her fall for you. It’s all about psychological acting.

Good luck!

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