Unusual first date ideas

Unusual first date ideas


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First date! If you’ve already been through this experience, perhaps you feel even now, shivers of happiness at this memory. Take a wide smile and let yourself carried away with melancholy, reliving the magical moments when the two of you felt like teenagers, not knowing what the future had in store for you. But still, why not breaking the norms a little bit? If you haven’t caught her first kiss yet, I could suggest some out-of-the-ordinary ideas for a successful, but unusual first date.

A ride with the bicycles

If you have the luck of great weather, invite her for a ride with the bicycles. The best idea is to pick a spot where you could be alone with her, in nature. When the two of you get tired, stop by a lake and admire the view. Also, it’s not a bad idea to have some snacks prepared and make a small picnic.

Take a cooking class

A pleasant memory could be that of the two of you taking a cooking class, having the chance to develop into a couple by doing something interesting together, no matter how unusual the place is. It doesn’t matter if one of you has greater skills at cooking, the only important thing is to have fun with it and enjoy the team work.

Winter sports

If you live nearby the ski track, invite her to spend a few pleasant hours skiing or snowboarding. Even if she is not really attracted to these sports, she will have a hard time saying no because she wishes to seduce you. Finish the date with a glass of hot wine in front of a fireplace in a nice chalet. |

Have fun in a gaming room

Do you remember when your parents used to take you at funfairs or at bowling rooms, where all kinds of amusement activities awaited you, from pinball to pool? Take her at the mall and become kids again for a while and dare each other by breaking game records.

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