Using negative hits

Using negative hits


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Negative hits can get you the girl.

No more appreciation

You might think that complimenting a woman by telling her that she is beautiful you are impressing her, but the truth is that you are not the first or the last guy to tell her that. You shouldn’t be surprised when she becomes desensitized to flattery. Beautiful women know that they are beautiful. Men reassure them of that every day. It is time for you to give her a dose of reality and remind her that she is not as perfect as she thinks she is.

If compliments don’t make her pay attention to you, criticism sure will. By criticizing her, you will get her to pay special attention to you.

Your goal

You must establish an emotional connection between you and her. The only way to make her pay attention to you is, as stated before, by saying something she has never heard before. Play with her ego and she will try to get you on her better side. Women try to fix everything that’s broken so, if you bruise her ego by not displaying the usual interest they’re accustomed to, they will try to dedicate time to changing your opinion about them.

How to use negative hits

If you want to make a negative hit work in your favor, you must follow it up with a positive one. She can’t spend too much time around you if you do not show her at least a bit of interest.  Second of all, you must pay attention to what negative hits you use so that you don’t offend her and turn her off permanently. You must make your delivery seem funny, sincere, charming and non-threatening. For two negative hits use a positive one.

Be careful

Although negative hits usually work, they can sometime blow up in your face. Women can be unpredictable, but don’t give up. There is always a chance to find someone who will be willing to fix what you broke.

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