Watch your body language

Watch your body language


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Synchronized movements

A woman will know that you are falling for her if you move in synchrony with her movements. There are times when you see her playing with a pen and after one minute you find yourself doing the same thing. She will notice that. Or, she tries to reach for the bread and you do follow her move at the same time. When you are moving in synchronicity and copy her moves, it’s an instinctual body sign that you are attracted to her and that you are on the same wavelength.

Her move: At times, she will discretely change her body positions to observe if you really follow them or it was all a coincidence of movements.

Tip: If you are attracted to a beautiful woman (at a restaurant, café, club or theatre) try to follow and imitate her every move, in a subtle but observable way. You will get her attention.

Are you going to get lucky?

After your looks and personality, the next thing women usually check at a man is his posture. If your legs are widely spread when sitting or standing in front of her, it’s a basic sign for showing that you are welcoming her. Actually, it’s a sort of an animal’s instinct to show off thus making an invitation.

Her move: If she is interested in you and agrees with what your body says, she will touch her hair, reveal her neck, softly rubbing her wrist and giving you a sideways glance.

More than physics

Eye contact is an important sexual sign often neglected by men and women. The more you look into her eyes during and after making love, the more you tell her that you want something more than her body. Also, if you pay attention and caress her less erogenous zones like her face, it’s a direct sign of deep and affectionate feelings.

Her move: She will notice your affectionate eye contact and will try to keep her eyes ready and opened for the “I am falling for you” gaze.

Tip: You should stop looking at her breasts and start looking into her eyes. Trust me, it’s more effective.

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