Ways of telling a woman you want to be exclusive

Ways of telling a woman you want to be exclusive


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There is a reason why people refer to the dating universe as being a “game”. You have rules, strategies and tricks. In a relationship, all these are the essential, you just have to learn how to play them right.

Because it’s a game, you can’t give up and tell her from the middle of nowhere that you want to be exclusive. Play by the rules and she will understand.

Don’t act clingy

“Clingy” means you act as you are more interested into having a relationship, not really into her. If you call, text and send emails more than often, she will feel like you just need someone to fill your lack of affection. Doing so, she will lose interest, respect and romantic interest. She might even suggest you to buy a pet or meet someone with the sole purpose of a friend.

Bring exclusivity into your relationship

Usually, men think in black or white. If a man wants to be exclusive he will do so, if he’s not interested in getting exclusive he will act as he wishes. Just like this, he sets some relationship terms.

On the other hand, women aren’t so clear and decided. She needs time to decide if she wants to see only him or if there should be some space for seeing other people too.

Leave her time to figure out how important you are for her and how much you satisfy her needs, so that the two of you can become exclusive.

Take it easy

You know her for a little time but decided long time ago that she is the one that you really want. Women act slower. Develop some emotional closeness and only after that you will be able to throw the bomb and make her realize that you want to be exclusive.

When you start dating a woman, try and limit the amount of time spent with her to one date a week. You can talk to her between dates, but don’t have exhaustive talks every day.

After one month, increase the amount of time spent with her little by little. Also in the meantime increase the emotional involvement and the level of information shared with her. If you work with care and make it step by step, exclusivity will come naturally to her. 

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