Ways to ruin the first kiss

Ways to ruin the first kiss


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It is said that a woman can decide whether or not she wants to sleep with you by the way you kiss her the first time. Knowing this might make you feel a bit nervous, so here are some hints on what not to do when you first kiss her.

Don’t be too enthusiastic

It’s the end of your date and she looks wonderful so why not just kiss her already? Be careful when you try to do that because many times it’s hard to tell if a woman would accept being kissed so fast. Instead, lean close to her and give her a subtle hint making her understand that you would like to kiss her. If she would also like that she might initiate the kiss.

Being indifferent

I advised you not to be too enthusiastic when you first try to kiss her, but being indifferent it’s also a very bad idea. She will think the date went bad and you are not interested in her, so don’t look like you don’t care if you kiss her or not.

Mistiming it

When you decide you want to kiss her you should consider whether it is the perfect time to do it. You should never try to kiss her in the company of other people or while she is busy doing something else. The first kiss should take place when you are alone and she knows what’s coming.

Touching her

Grabbing her ass or squeezing her breasts during the first kiss is completely unacceptable. If you want to touch her without offending her, you should hug her in an intimate but at the same time innocent way, or cup her face with your hands. This kind of touch is more romantic and intimate and makes the kiss even more thrilling.

Having bad breath

I think this is common sense. If you have a bad breath when you kiss her, this is going to be your first and last kiss. Nevertheless, never get your breath spray out in front of her because it makes you look corny. Instead use a chewing gum after you ate something, but throw it away before the kiss.


After the first kiss, a woman shouldn’t have to wipe the saliva off her face. Keep yor saliva under control in order to not screw up the kiss. You should also consider whether you have shaved well before kissing her, because the texture of your facial hair might be a bit uncomfortable to her.

In case you make sure none of the above mentioned happen to you, your first kiss should be great and she will be coming back for more.

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