Weak and predictable?

 If I am being really nice to a girl and take into consideration whatever she says, will she friend-zone me?

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 The problem with many guys is that when they find a woman they like, they instantly turn into wussies. Why is that? I don’t really know, it’s something they got used to and they even feel proud of it.

There is nothing bad about being nice to a woman, because you know that being nice will make people like you. BUT, what you haven’t been told is that you don’t have to make women LIKE you, but get them ATTRACTED to you. Most of the times you can do this by teasing them.

If you don’t satisfy all her wishes and act like a bad boy you might hear her tell you sometimes that you are mean and you upset her. Ok. Now you might be confused, So, if you are nice to her she will friend-zone you and if you are teasing her she will be upset. What you have to understand about women is that they don’t like to realize they are not in control, but at the same time, they want a strong man by their side. She is basically testing you to see if you are a wuss, but pretending you are not.

Don’t get me wrong. She doesn’t want to turn you into an obeying wuss. She is just making sure you are not one and can take your own decisions with confidence.

The worst thing you can do in a relationship or when you are dating is to be predictable. Women hate predictable men who have no idea how to surprise them. It’s not about having money and buying her expensive gifts, but not taking her to the most common places when you are dating or bringing her flowers at every anniversary. Try to be original and find out what she would like to do and then surprise her by fulfilling her wish.

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