What do women want in life?

I am having this question with no answer: What does a woman want in life?

I want to make a woman happy so I would like to know from experts what does a woman need and wants in her life to be fulfilled? 

Question from: Mathieu

Answer for: What do women want in life? from Men Advice Team

LetsBond answers:

Mathieu, you are as funny as women are in what concerns life. In this days and age, women are facing some emotional and rational changes. They don’t know anymore if they want to marry or not, to live together with someone, to have sex and date like a man does or to work on their career/education before anything else.

My advice for your happiness is to make your own relationship life plan. As long as you get to know a woman you will come to realize if she fits in your scenery or not.

As an extra tip, women will always want in their life a man who listens and looks at them sincerely. Be a kind and caring man and she will introduce you to her world. 

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