What her social network means

What her social network means


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Women care a lot about their image on social networks like Facebook. They care so much that most of the time they make posts with a luxury of details: what happens in their lives, how they’re feeling, what they did recently. For men, an online profile can be a very useful tool in getting to know a woman better.

I prepared for you two of the most common categories of profile pictures used by women. Based on which category your girl matches, you will find something about her.

Surrounded by girls

This is a common profile picture prototype. Considering that most women associate themselves with their friends and these friends define them in a big part, you should look at them too, closely. Try and figure out what kind of a person she is by analyzing her friends a little and what they are all doing together in the profile picture.

Sometimes, the first impression is wrong. So if you met this girl in a club where she seemed childish and outgoing, you will find out by checking her profile that actually there is more depth in her personality. Maybe she loves reading or she knows something about this world, something beyond parties and chitchats. Also, it can go the other way around, too.

More than this, if your girl is surrounded by girls who are not as pretty as she is, perhaps this means she is not defining herself only by appearance. Another example is if she is dressed fancier than her friends, then there are more alternatives. This might say that she gets along with them but keeps her track. She doesn’t feel the need to adopt her friends' style to integrate in the group.

Surrounded by guys

In this case, you have to figure out who are those guys who surround her. There are several possibilities.

If they are her best friends, it’s safe to suppose that she is not so girlish, more of a tomboy than a girly-girl. She is getting along pretty bad with the girls, but that’s not a problem to still get along with the boys.

Surrounded by boys but dressed feminine and delicate. She might as well just be capable of pulling a sensual and elegant look, whenever she wants. Still, it means that she gets along with men better.

If the men around her are her brothers, then we are talking about a girl with a family-orientation. She is also self-confident, since she knows that a group of guys will always have her back.

If they are just some random dudes that she met at a party, then you like a girl who appreciates a male’s attention maybe a little too much.

Finally, it’s kind of logical. If she has as profile picture a photo in which a bunch of men surround her with attention, it’s obvious that she enjoys more the superficial closeness than the real emotion of closer relationships, like friends or family. 

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