What kind of an online dater are you

What kind of an online dater are you?


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When you are in your first days on an online dating site it’s exciting to see more and more messages from women arriving in your inbox.

Most people create an online dating profile with the hope of closing the deal soon and getting in a serious relationship offline.

There are people who are so lucky that they meet someone online with whom they connect perfectly and with whom they develop a good relationship offline, too. Also, there are some users who can spend months and years on an online dating site and still get no extraordinary results.

You have to ask yourself if you are a serious dater, one who looks for love and an offline long-term relationship, or a serial dater who enjoys his liberty and many connections with no strings attached.

The serious dater

This is the one who looks for meaningful and serious connections on online dating sites. His purpose is to find a match who will make him happy offline, in a long-term relationship and eventually marriage.

For him to get there, he has to go out on multiple dates. It’s a fun experience and it makes him get to know every woman he talks to.

The recommended number for multiple dates is 3. If you date three women at the same time you can still get to know all of them and not mix up their stories. If you have more than three dates, you will lose track of their characteristics and experiences and that might involve a strange outcome.

The serial dater

There are many users who become addicted to online dating. Some of them are recently divorced or separated and for them, online dating becomes some sort of therapy, in the beginning. There are so many options, so many women, so many possibilities that it distracts a man from the recent disappointment of a marriage or long-term relationship gone wrong. Still, sometimes this feeling becomes addictive and a man might get stuck with the idea that he might find even prettier women and girls so he keeps looking for more dates in order to find the perfect one, which obviously, doesn’t exist.

If you don’t even want to think about canceling your online dating profile and a day without an online chat is too much, then I have news for you: You’re becoming addicted to online dating!

Also, if you keep searching for more and more connections, this will be observed, many online dating sites show to other users the last time you logged in. In this way, your chances of finding something really valuable are going to drop dramatically. Nobody wants to date a serial dater because women love to feel special and serial daters are not the answer they’re looking for. 

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