What not to do when online dating

What not to do when online dating


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These are the 6 most important things you must NOT do in online dating.

1. You mustn’t write your life story when talking through e-mail

Women are not attracted to men who can’t stop talking. If you want to check this out, you can make an experiment the next time you write to a woman you’ve met online, and write a one page mail about what you did during your weekend. I can tell you for sure that she will delete the mail and move on, because they usually perceive a blabbering man as needy, and she wants a challenge. On the other hand, women love to talk and be listened to, not the other way around.

You must keep your e-mails short, try answering her questions and at the end, ask her another one. Questions are those that make a conversation going and also make her think that you are interested in her.

2. Do not start a sexual conversation

Most women already think that men can’t think about anything else than intercourse. Although, they may be somewhat wright, you should avoid hinting at or start talking about it, and risk offending her or make her dump you before even being together.

Nowadays, many women will initiate the conversation, and after they do, consider it ok to continue but think well about what you are about to say. If all you want is an aggressive sexual conversation with a woman, there are other types of sites.

3. You shouldn’t lie

The great majority lies when it comes to the online profile, both men and women, no matter if it is about their income, education, occupation or even marital status. I do not advise you to do this, because sooner or later she will find out, and if you are really interested in her, you will only end up having regrets.

If you think that some of your characteristics are not too great, make your qualities more obvious. Focus on your bright side, and do not lie to her.

4. Don’t over-exaggerate with your e-mails or IM’s

It is the same thing as in the case above. You do not want to seem needy. Do not send 3 or 4 messages a day. If she does encourage the conversation, feel free to have a real dialogue, you might be lucky enough to get a date right then and there, but if you are just in the beginning, keep your interactions to a minimum.

It may be difficult, especially if you are really attracted to her, but keep it cool. Try to send only 2 mails and maintain you IM conversation below 15 minutes. If the conversation gets longer, excuse yourself and end it. In that way, you will still be mysterious and intriguing.

5. Avoid talking to too many women at once.

This is one of the most common problems when online dating. Yes, I know that men love the idea of being chased by women, but if you receive too many mails you will not know what and with whom you’ve talked, and it will be embarrassing for you when you will be asking the same questions to the same women for three or four times.

Despite the fact that you must be polite, it will be physically impossible for you to reply to every mail, and I recommend you not to try to. Try replying only to women with whom you want to go further on and if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back and replying to those other women.

6. Do not come as over-excited about going out on a date

Despite the fact that there are women who will ask you out immediately, it is a golden rule to wait at least one week after the initial contact before asking her out. If you do it too soon, when she isn’t ready, she will be gone. As you wait longer, you will become more attractive to her because she will be puzzled by the fact that you haven’t asked her out by then.

You should let her do the first move, because the longer you wait and watch her reactions, the better you will know her, and what kind of woman she really is.

Be cool, and keep safety

I know we all think we are macho men, but you must be careful and try avoiding ending up in a real-life fatal attraction. That is why, besides the first 6 pieces of advice, I give you one more, and that is not to give your phone number and address before knowing her. 

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