What’s up with online dating

What’s up with online dating?


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You have to keep in mind that online dating sites are just some businesses. Of course, there are loads of people who want to find their life-time partner, but basically, they are just a money source.

Online dating sites help you find a good partner just by gathering around a large number of people with the same goal you have. But you shouldn’t wait for the online dating sites to do the entire job for you and as soon as you sign up to expect amazing matches and extraordinary dates. Actually, since an online dating site is a business which earns its money from your need for love and attention, it’s not in their interest to immediately help you find a partner because then you won’t be needing the site anymore.

Still, online dating sites, even if somehow cruel, are a great option if you know how to value it. This means that you should contact people and respond to messages. Create an interesting profile and upload decent beautiful pictures of yourself, not of someone else. Never forget to be honest when self-describing you, but still keep some mystery and personal details for later on.

Of course, your chosen online dating site will try to match you with different women who seem to have the same interests you have or look for, in a potential mate, but don’t stop at those recommendations because your love might actually be a person with whom you have a very low match percentage.

Stay proactive, keep updating your profile and manifest interest in order to get yourself noticed in the sea of users. 

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