What to do and what not on dates

What to do and what not on dates


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You only go once at a first date so you must be careful. Although a relationship does not depend on the first date, a second date does, so you must do your best if you want to see this woman again. These do’s and don’ts may help you win her over.

1. Tidy up

You must show her you take the date serious so you must dress up, shave and have a neatly combed hair and a scent of cologne to complete the look. She will spend hours preparing to see you, so you must show her that you are worthy. Even if you are just going out for a coffee after work, she will still spend at least 20 minutes in the office mirror so you could at least be fresh and cleanly shaved, at the very least.

2. Be punctual

Usually men wait for a woman so at the first date you should be punctual because she might think that you stood her up right from the first date. Because it is a tense situation, she will be thinking of that pretty quickly.

3. Be a gentleman

You must compliment her and be sincere. If you truly want to be a gentleman, you must make the first moments of the date all about her. Choose only one element to compliment, such as her eyes, dress, jewelry or hair. You must offer her your arm, open the doors, pull out her chair, ask her about her date and be empathic. She must know that you are truly glad to be with her.

4. Give her all of your attention

You must be really attentive. You must maintain eye contact and show her that you are completely unaware of the world around you. She captivated you and that is all that you can see. You must create your own world for much of the time and ignore everything around you.

5. Put her at ease

First dates are tense so you must do your best to create a relaxing mood. If you are calm and relaxed, she will be too. Humor, attention, a smile and a calm demeanor can do wonders. While being a gentleman, you must be communicative and relaxed instead of formal. For instance, when you pull out her chair, don’t be silent but tell her something like: ”Here, let me get that for you.”.

6. Don’t get drunk

Of course, a glass of wine can help you relax, but too much can be bad. You must show her that you are a man of character and restraint, if you want to consider you a as a possible partner.

7. Let her know you like her

If things go well, you mustn’t seem over excited, but you must tell her that you like her.  You can just look into her eyes and say it to her. You can also tell her you had a great time, it was fun or that you are glad you did this, but that doesn’t mean that there can be something more between the two of you, so you must tell her you like her, without being too pushy. A lady has the right to be a little bit reserved.

8. Don’t get frisky

Again, you must show that you are a gentleman and a man of character and restraint. Let the sexual tension build for both of you, in order to make you go out on a second date soon.

A kiss might be appropriate at the right moment, but make it reasonably short in order to maintain yourself calm. Let her decide if she wants to kiss you more while you are slowly backing off. If you are not sure that she wants to be kissed, you can embrace her and when you are close, whisper to her ear that you wish you could read her mind and if she wants to be kissed she might move slightly forward.

These tips should only make your date smoother. That doesn’t mean you will begin a relationship. Also, make sure you avoid talking about ex-girlfriends, engage her as an equal in conversation and listen to her.

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