What to get your girlfriend for Christmas

What to get your girlfriend for Christmas


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Winter time, especially Christmas is the time for you gentlemen to open both your hearts and your wallets, as gifts are a perfect way to express how significant your loved ones are, and I’m mainly referring here to your girlfriends. Sadly, this is not a choice, and although there are many websites that can recommend you the perfect gift for your girlfriend, or you know her well enough to know what she likes, what are you going to do when you have only been dating with a girl for a couple of weeks?! Is it recommended to buy her jewelry or if you’ve been dating for a year, what is the money limit that will best show her how much she means to you? Fortunately for you guys, we have made a list of gifts for every different stage in a relationship:

1-3 months

 If you’re dating a beautiful and smart girl, an exquisitely Art-Deco inspired hardcover of her favourite novel/book is the perfect gift, helping you with both substance and style, given that you paid attention when she told you about her favourite things. Another idea for a great gift, would be a DVD series of her favorite films, preferably in a limited edition, if you can find them. If she’s a chocolate lover, and what women isn’t, you cannot go wrong with a personalized box of handmade dark chocolate bars, wrapped in art-paper prints or a fancy champagne bottle, which is a simple, classic touch, that you can both enjoy, is she is willing of course.

4-6 months

If you haven’t managed to take her on a vacation somewhere, you can still make her enjoy a tropical atmosphere, with a collection of heavenly, flower-scented Tahitian body oil or body care products that you can ingeniously offer while preparing her a romantic bubble bath with a few candles lit for an even more intimate atmosphere. If she is a sophisticated woman who knows how to enjoy her wine, you can give her a wine glass set that she will be more than happy to use at the next romantic dinners you two shall enjoy together. Or, you can try giving her a nice, sophisticated perfume bottle, but with this be careful so it matches her taste, which you should know by now, anyway. We are not done yet: an Italian cashmere pullover will be perfect for her silky skin when you bring a hot cocoa beverage or her coffee in those cold winter mornings.

1 year +

There is nothing more appreciative of a woman’s stunning and gorgeous legs than a pair of black, silk stockings; and if you can manage to find a matching black lace garter, you will make her feel beautiful, sexy and wanted. You can also surprise her on another level, leaving aside the physical appreciation, and focusing on a more personal and emotional aspect by giving her a cool, new iPhone5, a gift that clearly states that communicating with her is highly important, plus due to the new enhanced features of the phone, you can see your girlfriend live wherever she may be. Another great gift is a simple, functional, hand bag or a shoulder bag, nothing too fancy though because women tend to be very picky when it comes to bag. The ultimate Christmas gift for you to give your girlfriend is jewelry; you know that this is a sure success, and plus, a beautiful, blue-stone necklace form Tiffany’s will only make her sparkle with joy and will always remind her of you.


Surprise her by simply placing a new, cute winter jacket in her closet, and she will be thrilled to stay warm and still look fashionable next to you while you two take a stroll through the center of the city to admire the winter lights, before you get comfortable again indoors.

Or, if she likes going to the theatre or the opera, you can opt for some gorgeous and very stylish leather opera long gloves, which go perfect for a night on the town, giving her that naughty chic appearance which you can also enjoy in the bedroom. Jewelry also goes for this time in your lives and in your relationship, but what says I love you better than a romantic, spontaneous trip to France, where you can enjoy the magic of the French “amour” in an exquisite hotel room in the heart of Paris? Gentlemen, you will definitely impress her, so hesitate no more and make her Christmas unforgettable!

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