What to wear at the first date to impress

What to wear at the first date to impress


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I wish I could do more than just say that you should dress appropriately, with aesthetic sense and with the right message. The rule is “Dress to impress”, but pay attention not to make a bad impression. You have to realize that a woman will scan you from head to toes in just one second. She will draw a conclusion about you even before you will be able to open the mouth and say ‘Hi’ to her. For this reason, at least, you should work like with fire when about to meet a lady. She will see everything.

She will use a lot of her attention in finding the smallest clue that you are unworthy of her time, that she can find a better man in no time. But that’s not a problem since it’s always a better option to be underestimated than overlooked. Be feel at ease, becasue for impressing her there is no need to resort to extravagant measures like snake leathered boots or multicolor hats.

All you have to do is showing up at your date looking your absolute best. By absolute best I mean clean, well-smelling and dressed nicely. So take a bath, shave/trim your facial hair and put just a little bit of perfume behind your ears.

You will for sure be checked for clean nails and hands. Make an effort in matching your clothes with your accessories and smile.

Pick clean shoes and wash your car, even if you don’t plan picking her up. This will build an attractive image of you, saying that you are responsible, confident and respectable.  

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