What’s appropriate to talk about online

What’s appropriate to talk about online


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Online dating is fascinating because you get the chance to meet and talk to different kinds of interesting people. Still, chatting online, anonymously and without the help of the body language can become a tricky business. 

Here we gathered for you some tips on how to keep an online conversation interesting but appropriate.

1. Don’t make it too personal

A good idea is to think and act on your first online conversations with a certain person as you were on the first date. It’s true that not having to look in her eyes when you talk to her, you tend to become a little too personal and reveal too much or ask too much. Still, try and imagine that the two of you are out for a coffee, if you wouldn’t say those things over muffins and a cappuccino, then don’t say them in your online conversation.

Before saying heavy stuff such as “Well, I just ended my 5 years long relationship.” try and anticipate the way you might make her feel. It’s easy to get someone uncomfortable when you can’t see their face so you have to be careful with heavy topics thrown in a conversation right from the start.

2. Keep yourself well behaved

Remember how you would act at a first date. You would compliment your date but in the respectful way, right? Therefore it’s fine to tell her how pretty she is and how lovely her eyes are, but try not to make it all about flirting right from the first contact.

Think again about the fact that except the words she sends you, you have nothing to acknowledge her reaction by. When you don’t know what to say anymore, it’s better to ask about her interests and hobbies. Keep track of your language and your sense of humor, she might not taste it.

3. Be natural and true to yourself

Everybody could tell you this, it’s true. But the reality is that few people do act as themselves, especially when they feel like impressing a lady. Online dating is the perfect medium to act as someone else, so the temptation is huge.  Still, if you want a serious relationship offline too, it might be a good idea to don’t present yourself online as the funniest person alive, if you’re not. If you don’t want her to know right from the first online interaction that you are allergic to dogs, even if she has two beautiful Dobermans, it’s alright. Just try and keep yourself natural and avoid lying to her. 

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