When is it ok to spend the night over

When is it ok to spend the night over?


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Even if it is a woman you’ve met online and she lives in another town or you reunited with an old crush on Facebook which now lives in a different city, no doubt that you will have to visit her for the date, but how would you do it? Would you sleep at a hotel or stay at her house? After how long could you stay at her house?

The difference is given by your age and how familiar you are with that person, as well as her living situations, but there are still a few rules that have to be followed.

1. Does she have children?

No matter how familiar you are with each other, you will not stay at her place. The only exception that can be made is when the child is an infant, but even that isn’t right, because you should be asking yourself why is she single so soon after giving birth, and especially if the dad might or might not show up. But no matter what, keep in mind that if she has kids, no matter if they are toddlers or teenagers, it is not alright for you to sleep in their house.

2. Does she live with her parents or has roommates?

If she does, and they insist on your staying on the couch or in the guest room, that should be making her feel safe enough, and sure about the fact that you will not jump to any conclusions about the sleepover and also keep you from doing something reckless so early in the relationship.

Despite all these, the invitation should come from her side, and the cohabitants should have the right to decide upon it. If they do not approve of your staying there, don’t. You don’t want to ruin their peaceful home.  

3. She lives alone

If she lives alone, think about the fact that you have already invested a lot in this relationship, just by going there, and pulling of a long-distance relationship, you do not want to ruin it by turning it into a one-night stand.

There are a few circumstances that may lead to something more if you stay at her home, but if you really like her, you should man up and go sleep at a hotel.

4. When is it ok to spend the night over?

If you are mature enough to begin a sexual relationship, the next month after your first date, invite her to visit you and put her up in a nearby hotel, or meet halfway in a bed and breakfast place.

If you are younger, it will take more to create a connection, a few more hotel stays and probably some longer visits too. If you invite her to spend a romantic overnight, then she is probably ready to take the next step.

Once you’re there, she will probably think of a way to live together, but it all depends on the other persons involved, such as kids or roommates. 

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