When online dating goes offline

When online dating goes offline


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In the recent years, online dating has exploded all around the world. For example, this year, Match.com will host somewhere between 2000 and 3000 offline events for its users. These types of meetings will take place in selected venues where the most compatible singles will be able to mingle, in the hopes of finding a real connection.

Most members think that this is a great idea, because it creates a big opportunity for singles to meet and get to know each other, in a pleasant and fun atmosphere. There are still some members who think this kind of event beats the core purpose of online dating.

Should online dating sites organize such events or should they just continue to create opportunities for people to meet online?

What’s all the fuss about?

It’s difficult to see why such offline meetings hosted by online dating sites is a bad idea. You are not obligated to attend them if you don’t want to, and it’s not going to harm your online dating experience whatsoever if you do attend. It’s not going to keep you from reading profiles, sending messages, and developing connections, or even go out with someone.

It’s even better that you know from the beginning that everyone you meet there is looking to socialize and make meaningful connections, unlike going out in bars when you can’t tell whether the person you might like is willing to at least chat with you.

There are considerable advantages to these meetings. Some of them include: the possibility of talking to women who are daily flooded with messages; it is a safe environment, people can have a great time regardless of the strength of the connection they establish, etc.

There is nothing new, nothing to be worried about, it provides a great environment for you to discover the people who have shared interests, or participate in mutually enjoyed activities.

The dating sites that provide their users with such events generally use some kind of algorithm to ensure people that they will find only users with high matching scores and compatibility. These meetings prove themselves to be an exciting new solution for meeting people who have more things in common than you might think.

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