When women give men power

When women give men power


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Do you remember that hot girl in college who would not even look at you? Or maybe she did not even know you existed? You meet her after more than 10 years and all of the sudden she seems interested in you. What happened? Have you become more attractive? Is she going crazy?

What you need to know about women is that they mature faster than men, both mentally and physically. That’s why when you’re 18 and you barely have any facial hair, she is smoking hot and turning everyone’s heads around. She looks like a goddess and the only thing you can think of is how you can make her yours. The only problem is, she is definitely not interested, because she has complete power.

Ever since they were little girls, women got used to male attention from their father, who used to shower his little princess with gifts and love. As she grew up, she still believed she deserves everything she wanted and a man was responsible to satisfy her wishes. In time, however, they start to age and realize they need a man in their life and they are willing to make compromises in order to get one. That’s the moment when she starts to surrender her power to you.

Even though aging is a normal process and most men don’t have a problem with it, the consumerist world in which we live makes them want to look better by making them feel unattractive. They will look for the best creams and lotions to prevent wrinkles and other aging related problems. On the other hand, men also age, but they do not feel the same pressure women do, so they are more confident. By keeping their composure and carrying on with their lives as usual, men start to gain power, whereas women, always concerned with their looks and worrying they are not good enough, start to lose it.

Furthermore, when they get in their 30’s, women start to become more attracted to older guys and do not think so much about their flaws. They are rather thinking about how they can look and feel better, and as a man, you can give her that. Once you start making her feel an attractive woman, you start gaining full power as she only cares about enjoying time with her loved one.

The bottom line is, it’s more difficult to pick up women in their 20’s because they have their own standards. They are hot and determined and usually you play by their rules.  Embrace that, because a few years later down the line, women will start acting irrationally and it will be your time to make the rules of the game. Go there and take what it’s yours, but always remember to be a gentleman.

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