When you argue with your better half

When you argue with your better half


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If you never argued with your partner until now, expect it. Arguing in a relationship is annoying but inevitable and somehow healthy. It’s not a pleasure for men to argue with their woman, while women sometimes find peace and equilibrium in a fight because they get the chance of expressing their feelings freely.

For you to escape scar-free from a fight with your wife, girlfriend or mother, you should know some tips.

1. Never tell her to relax

When a woman is driven to cause chaos, there is nothing more provoking than the R-word. Actually, you shouldn’t use any calming replies. Remember that in that certain moment you are dealing with a red-eyed and fire-breathing dragon.

2. Don’t involve your friends’ opinions

She will definitely lose her temper once you use the “You are embarrassing me in front of my friends when you call me and ask me where I am.”. Your friends will always tell you what you need to hear and will always have your back, especially in a relationship emergency situation.

When you are having an argument with your partner don’t involve your friends’ opinion because next time your better half will meet them, it will be an awkward situation.

3. No threats

Nobody appreciates threats, especially empty threats thrown only to induce fear. She won’t like it and you won’t win anything doing so. 

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