When you have to choose just one woman

When you have to choose just one woman


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We have to admit that online dating is at times, extremely fun. There are moments when you can talk with two women at the same time. It’s a pleasure for a man to feel so wanted and so capable of attracting women. You get to feel really good especially if both of those women are attractive and can be a perfect match.

Still, there is one problem, how do you decide between the two of them? If you are a noble guy, you will not want to hurt anybody so you will have to find a way to choose just one woman. What could you possibly do?

Well, men have the right to date as many women as they like. Consider dating a couple of women as a kind of audition for a long-term relationship. Only if you go out with each one of them will you come to realize who might be your best partner in a beautiful, serious relationship.  You shouldn’t feel bad about this, since you are not in a relationship with any of them, you can go out with who you want. Just make sure to don’t get involved physically with all of them because generally, for women it’s a pretty big deal when they become intimate with you and they easily get hurt.

After a few dates in person, you will be able to decide who the best one for you is. Act respectfully and polite when you reject a woman. Make her understand that you cherish all the time spent with her, in this way her disappointment will be lighter. 

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