When you want to block your ex

When you want to block your ex


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If you ended your relationship in good terms and decided to remain friends and catch up for a coffee from time to time, you should definitely keep her as one of your contacts on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media sites you have a profile on. There can be a platonic friendship between the two of you, if you want it.

If you are in a situation in which your current girlfriend is bothered by your innocent interactions with your ex on a social media site, you might have a problem. This means that the present girlfriend is insecure about herself and about your faithfulness. In this case, you should talk with her about that and explain her kindly that it’s not fair to be told who you can’t be friends with.

On the other side of the coin, if you and your ex ended the relationship in some pretty vicious terms, it’s recommended to shorten her pain and perhaps yours, and remove her from every social media the two of you are connected. Being friends or connected on social media just makes you remember the break-up each time you go online.

Finally, before deciding if it’s a good idea to block your social media connections with your ex-girlfriend, think about how did things remained between the two of you, after the break-up. Then you will know if it’s right to push her away from your online life, too.

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