When your online match disappoints you

When your online match disappoints you


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In the last year I have dated only women I met online, first. Among the first ones, there was a relationship which started with a casual “Hello, I have the same favorite author. Let me know what you appreciate about him.” After that, it generated into a full text relationship. Everything seemed to go so smooth that I thought I should write a “thank you” letter for the owners of the respective dating site for giving me the opportunity of meeting such a woman.

Finally, I didn’t

When we finally met, all that chemistry which happened behind the screens was long gone when we first looked at each other. I couldn’t really put my finger on what was wrong or what did reality change. She was a nice woman, a classic beauty, nothing extraordinary, just a pleasant figure. Our conversation was boring and awkward, with never ending moments of silence. Personally, I felt like I was on a date with an uninteresting stranger. It seemed like she had confidence and charm only behind the keyboard.

With complete disappointment we both agreed to end the date and go on our separate ways.

Accept the possibility of imagining things

Of course, exchanging emails full of interesting topics and shared interests is great. Sometimes, you get caught up in those words until you find yourself talking with the perfect woman, right at one click away.

Be careful with how your brain works and connects data. There might be some gaps that online dating doesn’t fill.

The best test for your relationship with a potential partner is meeting in person. But you should learn from me and don’t let time pass by and arrive to get to know that person’s entire life and experience just by talking online. It will give you a fairly wrong image and idea about how that person is.

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