Why men date difficult women

Why men date difficult women


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There are plenty difficult women out there and the problem is not that they exist but that you are trying to date them. Every woman has her own issues, as we all do, but do you find yourself confronting with the same difficulties over and over again, even when you are looking for someone completely different from your ex-girlfriends?

This does not mean that all women are difficult but that you have a certain thing for difficult women, also known as having a “type”. These are the most common archetypes of difficult women. Which one corresponds to you?

The shrew

What makes her attractive: She is sassy, a challenge, a go-getter who usually makes money.

What’s underneath that: She is all about the anger. She has usually been hurt and has developed a shield to protect herself.

What dating her says about you: You can either be attracted to her because she expresses the anger you can’t, meaning you are “the nice guy” or she reflects and amplifies your own anger back at you.


The Nympho

What makes her attractive: She is hot and always willing.

What’s underneath that: She knows she is attractive and has spent her life controlling men with her sexuality

What dating her says about you: All men love hot, available women, but only a certain type of guy wants a relationship with this type of woman: the guy who has an issue with addictive sex. You need to get high off sex. You sometimes wish you could settle down with a regular woman but you know you can’t.

The Gold digger

What makes her attractive: she is the trophy girlfriend

What’s underneath that: She thinks like an asset manager- how she can use what you want so that she can get what she wants.

What dating her says about you: If you like this type of girls, you might also be the “King of the World” type who believes that all women want is money and this explains why you are attracted to women who leverage their assets in the hope of exploiting yours. The beauty of it is that you both end up getting what you deserve: each other.

The Mess

What makes her attractive: She is often childlike charming, adorable and she really needs you.

What’s underneath that: She’s always in trouble: daddy issues, debts, alcoholism, etc.

What dating her says about you: When dating her, you feel powerful and independent women don’t make you feel like that. If you are only attracted to this type of women, either your mom was a disaster or you are and you feel it is too embarrassing to clean your own mess so you try to fix her problems.

The Liar

What makes her attractive: She says she wants to have sex with you on a daily basis and keep it casual.

What’s underneath that: In three weeks she will be screaming at you why you won’t commit, despite the fact that she was the one saying that she only wants you to be friends with benefits.

What dating her says about you: She can lie to you only because you are lying to yourself. You can usually tell if a woman wants just casual sex. You are afraid that if you are honest she will leave.

What do you do with this knowledge?

When going on a date you have to start approaching every girl as embodying a certain aspect of yourself with which you need to deal with.

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