Why men like online dating

Why men like online dating


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This article is meant to help men understand how to win over women in the virtual space, because I was really interested in the opposite’s sex way of winning over a woman online. A recent study was sent to me and I have decided to check it out and share the information with you. You can read this article and see whether you have to change the way you’re dating online or not.

The questions to which this article wants to answer imply the reasons why men use online dating, what they think about it and how their actions affect women.

1000 men took part in the study and they were asked about what they think about online dating, and from all the men with ages between 35-55 years old, half of them tried online dating and 65% met someone through the online dating service.

More than 50% of them said that online dating offers advantages such as the fact it can show you that there is another person available and interested, there are many potential partners from whom you can choose, you can know what other people are interested in and you can choose if you want to meet someone or not before actually going on a date.

If you are one of those who have tried online dating, I am sure that these advantages are among the reasons why you chose to use an online dating service. Despite these advantages, half of the questioned men said that they chose online dating because it is easier than meeting a potential partner in person.

The questions raised from this answers are related to the reasons why they cannot meet someone in person, either because they are too shy or because they are looking for something that cannot be known for sure in real life?

25% said that they cannot meet someone because they don’t go out enough, 25% said that they cannot find the right words when meeting someone in person whereas, other said that men are more nervous than womenwhen it comes to talking to them in person.

The conclusion is that a lot of men do not go out while others are shy and lack self-confidence, and that there are plenty of guys to date but they choose not to because they are too nervous, too shy and choose to stay at home.

Why don’t they want to meet women in person anymore? The answer is given by the fact that 96% of the participants say that they do not want to spend 1000 dollars in order to meet someone with whom they would go out on a date. Maybe sitting on your couch and saving money is the new trend, or maybe they have always been in the online dating world which can provide them what they need.

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