Why men prefer bad girls

Why men prefer bad girls


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There is no secret that men prefer bad girls.

1. They dress provocative

Dress to impress is usually the online line that guides a bad girl. High heels, cleavage, sexy dresses- they know very well how to bring out a man’s basic instincts.

Plus, the clothes that they are wearing, underline their femininity and men think that this is the best aphrodisiac.

2.  They aren’t looking for a serious, stable relationship.

Bad girls just want to have fun and enjoy their freedom and independence. This is also what men usually want, too. They do not want to spend their weekends with their family talking about wedding and children.

3. They are not so pretentious

Bad girls don’t focus on the insignificant details such as the fact that: the music is too loud, the drink has too much ice or that they are suffering from cold. Bad girls do their best to feel good and they do it without complaining too much. Men love it!

4. A guy has more things in common with a bad girl: he has had many partners in the past, no problem, so did she. If he drinks a little too much with his friends and by accident ends up at the police station, it is ok- she’s been there too.

5. It appears that bad girls and lingerie don’t have too many things in common…

6. Men are positive about the fact that all bad girls are really good at what happens between the bed sheets. And even if it’s not so, a man is so sure about that, that he convinces itself that it was the best time he has ever had.

7. A bad girl would never complain of that horrible tattoo that he has made when he was really drunk, because she might probably be the one who has convinced him to do it.

8. If she is a bad girl, it means that she has many other girlfriends that are just as bad. This means that his friends will buy him many beers just as long as he introduces the bad girls to them too.

9. Yes, your arguments are awful, but what comes next is really good.

10. If a guy says “OMG, you have great posterior/ breasts!”, a bad girl will smile and will make that side of her body even more obvious instead of blushing and covering it up.

11. If he has a fantasy involving handcuffs, leather or anything else, she is most likely to try it, at least once.

12. Bad girls appreciate all kind of jokes…they can also say others 10 times worse.

13. A bad girl is way too independent to rush into a relationship, which means that the third date won’t take place at her house with her parents and dinner served.

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