Why should you delete your ex from Facebook

Why should you delete your ex from Facebook


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Facebook is highly appreciated for its ability of keeping people connected and in touch, regardless of the distance and time. Still, it’s a tool for torture when you disconnect with let’s say, your girlfriend.

Facebook inspection

There was a study which aimed for finding out how do couples behave and react on Facebook after they break-up.

After a break-up is hard to completely let go, so ex-partners chose to constantly check their ex’s Facebook profile and scan for clues which might reveal that they still suffer or that they are already over that episode. Doing so, a man can develop dangerous emotional consequences.

The constant inspection of your ex’s profile is called “Facebook Surveillance of Former Romantic Partners: Associations with Post-Breakup Recovery and Personal Growth.” This means that when you check her Facebook profile you actually look for evidence in her status updates and her posts that she is suffering or that she is happy and already passed over the break-up.

The study concluded that checking your ex’s Facebook profile doesn’t help you get over this awful event, but it just prolongs the agony.

So what could you do?

You had a beautiful relationship with her and now everything ended. Should you still keep her in your friends list of your Facebook profile? It seems cruel to just banish her from there and deny her existence, it’s true. But if you want to survive the break-up without going a little bit crazy, you should cut the ties as much as you can until you find your calmness and your inner peace.  

It’s natural to check up on her and see her photos and what music she shares, but finally you end up communicating with her without changing a word, just by inspecting her profile obsessively. It will drive you crazy if she posts a picture of herself with another guy in a club, or if she shares a very happy music video. Let her be and block her from your Facebook friends list. She will understand and it will be better for the both of you. 

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