Why women fall for the bad guys

I met this incredibly great girl in college and the problem is that no matter how nice and considerate I am around her, she does not seem to notice me. I did not take her out on a date or buy her something because I do not want her to think I am a wuss, but I enjoy spending time with her whenever we can. How can I make her attracted to me?

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The thing with women is that they always want a nice guy who would take care of them and love them, but in practice they always fall for the bad guys because of the attraction they feel when they are with these men. 

What you have to realize is that while their standards are a choice, attraction is not. You cannot “plan” to be attracted by someone nice and kind, it just happens or it doesn’t. What you can do is to trigger that attraction and she will fall for you.

Maybe you have noticed that “bad guys” have a strong attitude and this is precisely what women want: a man in control. The “nice’ guys are usually afraid of offending a woman and this is why they usually don’t speak their mind and are too afraid to be direct with them; so as not to ruin any chance they might have.  My point is, you can be a nice guy, but this does not mean you have to be a wuss. You can treat her right and be respectful with her, but also direct and determined. You have to make her feel you are in control and you know what you want and how to get it.

I understand why you did not take her out for dinner and you have a point, but being her shoulder to cry on does not do any good either. You can stop talking to her so much and see how she reacts. I bet she will contact you once she does not re anything from you anymore. Then, whenever she has another problem to complain about you can tell her that she is the only one able to solve the problem and complaining about it does not do any good.

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