Why women lose interest

Why women lose interest


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Relationships at the very beginning have the honey moon period, which is a time when the two of you can’t get enough of each other’s presence. It seems like a never ending dream, you call each other, talk for hours, text each other until your fingers are almost ready to bleed and you are ready to spend everything you have just to impress her.

After a while the flame dies down a bit and you shouldn’t be surprised or frightened that you don’t feel the same passion as you did at first. We generally think that love is the times we feel wonderful with that special someone, but it’s not true. When you feel love you must hold on tight for the bumpy ride it brings along with it. You need to know and understand that a long lasting relationship is not just about feeling good with that special someone.

Women tend to lose interest quite often in a relationship and it most certainly doesn’t take them very long. Women expect the honeymoon to last an eternity, but after their needs have been satisfied, they try to convince themselves that they can get more out of life.

As the relationship advances you get a chance to discover new things about love and about sharing your life with someone, which is actually what counts.

If you feel that a woman is losing interest in your relationship here are some things that will help you.

Keep the flame burning

At some point, that rush of meeting that special girl might wears off and the relationship seems to step out of its fairy tale surroundings into the real world. The time when passion starts to fade arrives and if a man doesn’t make a woman feel those butterflies, they become bored, thus losing interest.

If you want her to stay and make her feel the butterflies again, you need to stay focused and dedicated and fulfill her need for new experiences. You can do many things to keep her coming back for more, such as: leaving her a poem, bringing her a flower, sing her a song if you think she might like it. The possibilities are endless.

Be better, grow in her eyes

If a woman were to realize that she will spend a lifetime of averageness, this will instantly kill the butterflies and all of her interest. Don’t ever let yourself get comfortable in a relationship. You always need to find new ways to improve yourself, your personality and you most certainly shouldn’t settle for an average or mediocre life. Ambitious and driven men are very attractive and give women a boost to keep pursuing their dreams by their side.

Things to do together

The honey moon period is a highly superficial time in a relationship but which leads the couple to a strong bonding. They develop a stronger connection and the feelings are more mature. Chemistry is yet another ingredient in the recipe for a long lasting relationship but it’s not an extremely important part of the whole process. Bonding with your woman is a must in any given relationship.

If you want to make a bond stronger, you work on it. You should try to find activities which you both might enjoy and which will bring you closer. It can be anything from climbing mountains to playing poker at home. Just let her know through such gestures who you really are as long as you get to know her too.

If you feel that she’s losing interest in your relationship you should talk to her and find out what can be done to fuel that fire. But if you tell her this, you need to be prepared for criticism and you should listen to her judgments openly. Take action where you think is needed, but you need to remember that you have to find out what kind of person she is. 

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