Why you should be proud to be an online dater

Why you should be proud to be an online dater


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So you met the perfect woman! You feel the need to scream this so the whole world can hear it. Except for one small problem, you met her online.

The most embarrassing moment is when someone asks you how the two of you met. You probably mumble humbly something like “We met through a friend…”

You choose this answer because meeting someone through a friend/co-worker or in a bar is the right way to meet, right? Wrong.

Online dating grew wings these days. It’s not a reason to be embarrassed or shy anymore. Online dating has become the most reliable method of meeting someone really special in your life. You should be proud that you met your special woman on an online dating site.

If you need more convincing, here are some reasons which might change your attitude.

1. Online dating is the new “right”

At the beginning of online dating sites, meeting someone on such a site was taboo. Therefore people got used to making up stories about the way they met their current partner. Nobody wanted to be laughed at.

However, looking at how many users are registered on all of the online dating sites, finding love through online dating is probably the best thing to do.

Also, it’s a rare thing to find a person who never tried an online dating site at least once.

2. There are quality people on online dating sites

Who are the users of most online dating sites? Busy career people who don’t find the time to take a chance and meet new people even in a park when they’re walking their dog. On online dating sites there are all kinds of people, especially open minded women and men who realize the importance of love to be found even through the modern technology. All these people are gathered on these sites with the same goal, to find a partner. This shared interest already makes them precious.

3. It’s all about initiative

Some people reject the idea of online dating with the argument that “It’s not natural.”

Ha, is it natural to spend your weekend alone or in a bar hoping for someone to notice you and make you fall in love? Is it natural to live a single life due to a really busy career?

Those who sign up on online dating sites show initiative towards their love life. They are pro-active and determined to find love. They prefer to die trying then die hoping.

4. Endless options and opportunities

Online dating sites are like shelves overwhelmed with the most luxurious products. You get to choose from a variety of personalities and looks. It enhances your love life in a unique way. Plus, you already know that all those people look for love, as you do.

5. Online dating will survive the future

We live in a world dominated by technology. Few things remained untouched by the sticky fingers of technology, but those will be converted, too. Online dating is surfing this wave to the fullest. That’s why more and more people sign up on online dating sites, because they feel the breeze of change.

In the next 20 years, online dating will be as normal as bumping into the love of your life, how it used to be in Hollywood movies.

These are only a few basic reasons why you are free to brag about the online dating origins of your current relationship. The list can go on and on. Be proud that you take part of such an open minded community! 

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